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09 July 2020



What is thunder?
A Thunder is a sound caused by a sudden increase in electric pressure and temperature.
Depending upon the nature of the electricity and its distance,It move with roar booming sounds follow by the glow of a short sharp crack to a long intense crack.

All thunderstorms are dangerous because every thunderstorm produces 
lightning with boom sounds. Which can kill or seriously hurt people. Thunderstorms are 
also dangerous because they can lead to flash floods.


Formation of Thunderstorms in following three stages:-
  • 01)The cumulus stage when storm clouds form,
  • 02)The mature stage when the storm is fully formed and
  • 03)The dissipating stage when the storm weakens and breaks apart.

In the Cumulus stage:- 
  • In updraft, warm, moist air moves upward, creating less cloudy clouds in the atmosphere.
  • Moisture in the air condenses into water droplets as it rises until the hot air rises from the bottom.
  • There are several methods that can create an updraft of hot moist air.
  • Sometimes the wind is forced into the side of a mountain.
  • The air is also forced upward on weather fronts, where hot and cold air hits the public.
  • But often, updrafts are formed from a mountain or summit etc. to guide them - just because hot air comes out.
  • The air near the ground is warm during the day because the energy from the sun heats the ground, which heats the air.
  • Warm air increases more in the atmosphere because warmer air has less mass than cold air, making it lighter.

In Mature Stage:-
  • As the cumulus cloud grows, small water droplets within it also become larger because more water is added to the droplets from the rising air.
  • Clouds begin to appear dark and brown as more water is added to it.  And the rising drops that make up the cloud become heavier.  
  • The raindrops start falling from the clouds when the rising wind cannot catch them. 
  • Meanwhile, cool dry air flows downward into the clouds, called downdraft, as the rain draws water downstream.
  • With an updraft, downdraft, and rain, the cloud is now called a cumulonimbus cloud and the cycling of the air above and below is called a thunder cell.
  • The air moving within the clouds creates electric charges as it crosses the other air.
  • The creation of electric charges allows electricity to be created, in the same way that you can make a spark after turning your feet on a carpet.  Thunder is the sound that occurs when lightning strikes.
  • This often happens when you see a lightning bolt as the sound travels more slowly than the light.

In Dissipating Stage:-

  • When the downdraft becomes stronger than the updraft in the cloud, the storm begins to weaken.
  • Since warm moist air can no longer rise, cloud droplets can no longer form.
  • The storm dies of light rain as the cloud disappears from bottom to top.
  • The entire process takes about an hour with normal rumble.
  • Severe thunderstorms such as Super Thunderstorm and Squad Line are much larger, more powerful and intermittent for several hours.

On the basis of brightness, colour, movement e.t.c pattern, there are many different types of thunder, such as:-
  • Sheet Lightning.
  • loud-To-Ground/Ground-To-Cloud/Cloud-To-Cloud (Fork) Lightning.
  • Heat Lightning.
  • St. Elmo's Fire.
  • Ball Lightning.
  • Red Sprites, Green Elves, and Blue Jets.

On the basis of charge movement, There are three primary types of lightning (thunder) which include:-
  • Cloud-to-ground (the most commonly known type),
  • Cloud-to-air, and
  • Cloud-to-cloud.


Be prepare BEFORE Thunder:-
  • Use some rules Very carefully.
  • Build an emergency kit.
  • Make a family communications plan.
  • Go indoors if you see lightning and can’t count to 30 before hearing thunder. 
  • Stay inside for 15 minutes after hearing the last clap of thunder.

Be aware DURING thundring:-
  • Stay inside the room.
  • Don’t use items that plug into electrical outlets. 
  • Power surges from lightning can come through the cords and hurt you.
  • Don’t wash your hands, take a bath or take a shower. 
  • Faucets can conduct electricity.
  • Stay away from windows and doors.
  • Don’t lie on concrete floors or lean against concrete walls. They conduct electricity.
  • Don’t touch anything metal outside – bikes, playgrounds, fences.
  • Stay away from open fields, hills, or the beach.
  • Don’t stand near “lightning rods,” like tall trees in an open area, or flagpoles.

Take care AFTER Thunderstorms:-
  • Stay away from loose or dangling power lines.
  • Stay away from areas damaged by the storm or flood waters.

What happens when you stuck in Thunderstorms?

Contrary to popular belief, lightning strikes do not result in capital punishment.  In fact, there are about 90% of people in the US who are actually killed.  Nevertheless, victims rarely walk unintentionally and the damage can be permanent.  (Lightning failure) Every year 75 thousand wildfires erupt in the US and in a split second the whole trees can be split in the middle.

It is frightening to imagine what it does inside the human body.  The good news is that you should cook e.  Coyote-style will not be found, but it can still do damage.  (Sound of thunder) For starters, electricity between one and 10 billion joules of energy.  It is sufficient to provide 100 watts of electricity for at least three months.  When that amount of impurity enters your body, (the power goes out) then it is the short circuit thesmall electrical signals that drive your heart, lungs and nervous system.  This can cause cardiac arrest, seizures, brain injury, spinal pain and even amnesia, but electricity is not the only problem.

Lightning is hot.  (Cracking) In under a second, it heats the surrounding air for five times the temperature than the surface of the sun.  This causes a rapid expansion of air, which leads to a shock that we hear as a thunder.  (Sound of thunder) It has been calculated that one may experience an explosion wave equivalent to a five kilometer meter TNT bomb at a strike point standing at a height of 30 feet.  (Surge) Intense heat, light and electricity can also damage your eyes.  In fact, it can bore holes in your retina and cause cataracts in days or weeks.  (Clock ticking) Other side effects of enlightenment may include impotence in men and decreased libido overall.  This is what happens inside.  As lightning moves on the surface, it can force the red blood cells of your capillaries into your epidermis like a wound.  These intricate designs include Lichtenberg figures.  These intense temperatures also heat any metal that you can wear in third-degree burns.  It can rapidly evaporate rain water or sweat on your skin.  The resulting steam blasts blow your clothes and shoes, leaving you almost naked.  Every year, 47 Americans are killed by lightning.

You must be thinking, how do I make sure that I am not that man?  For starters, check out weatherforests ahead of time and stay indoors during a storm, but if you are stuck outside, avoid isolated trees, pillars and open fields, and the quicker you can get to safety.  Can run to  You are the best in a developed building or hard-top metal vehicle.


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