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04 July 2020

Artificial or man-made disaster

Manmade or artificial disasters:-
Man-made disasters can include hazardous material spills, fires, groundwater contamination, transportation accidents, structure failures, mining accidents, explosions and acts of terrorism. There are actions that we can take to prepare to react appropriately to these events.

A wrost example of man made disaster:-

1957. Work begins on the Vajont hydroelectric dam, 70 miles from Venice, among the rocks and valleys of the Vagont River Valley, Italy.  Important for the operation of the thedum is a huge reservoir, which can hold 44 billion gallons of water.  Since the filling of the reservoir in the early 1960s, heavy cracks have started to form on Mount Tok above the dam.

 LUCIA FILIPPIN (IN ITALIAN): People can understand that something was going to happen, because the ground was sinking and suddenly, new cracks would appear, very deep and very big. 

 Then, in the late 1960s, another warning sign.  This time, it is a landslide.  Although it is relatively small, it reflects a rush of scientific research.  The one who confirms this is shocking.  As a direct result of the closure of the reservoir, Mount Tow Habecom became waterlogged, eroding a 750 million-tonne rock that is now slowly slipping down the mountain side to the lake below.  And so, in 1962, the thorathority reduced the water to over 70 feet.  At that stage, they agree that the dam cannot be removed, provided the landslide falls into the reservoir, which they expect.  Despite growing local people, officials believe the threat is minimal.  Francesco Nicolini (in Italian): There was no one in Longaron.  There was no official warning.  There were only warnings from the mountain.

 October 1963.  Traveling at over 60 mph, three times faster than expected, half of the mile and wide reef finally opened up.  Among its sites - the huge Wontont reservoir.  Francoisco Nicolini (in Italy): How can you imagine a broken nubile cubic feet of rock falling off a mountain that almost falls from a mountain filled in a basin?  It sends two giant caves in opposite directions, one towards the dam, the other towards the village of Erto.  Traveling for more than an hour, the first wave engulfed the fields along the coast, killing most of their occupants.

The village of Irato has been miraculously spared the worst of the wave by an inspiration at Thouth.  At the opposite end of the reservoir, the second tsunami is now moving towards Vazont Dam.  It sends more than 275 million tonnes of water to the shore and down into the valley.  In its crosshairs, about 5,500 residents of Longaron, nowhere to walk.  Gone to town, little less than mud and debris.  Of the 375 buildings in the city, 25 still stand.  The rest is flattened and the washedway leads down to the Piawe River, Venice.  Alyssa di Bennetto: Longeronevas no more.

They could see that the longaronidid no longer exists.  There was only mud water and ruins.  No life at all.  Negotiator: A violent disaster killed about 2500 people, making it one of the worst disasters in history.

09/11 Twins tower tragedy USA:-

The 110-story World Trade Center towers were designed to with the impact of a commercial jetliner.  Yet within two hours ofthe attacks, both collapse.  So why did the Twin Towers failso disastrously and so quickly?  Under public pressure, the US government commissions a $ 16 millioninvestigation from the National Institute of Standards and Technology in an attempt to explainthe structural failures of the Towers.  They examine the debrisfrom the disaster, run hundreds ofcomputer simulations, and conduct extensive lab tests.  The official government reportinto the Twin Towers tragedy only tackled eventson the initial impact floors, not the physics behindthe subsequent collapse.  It left the field wide openfor conspiracy theorists, who point to the unexpectedlyrapid collapse amid reports of explosions.  

Nuclear chemistDr.  Frank Greening was also surprised that theTowers collapsed so quickly.  FRANK GREENING: Iwatched this whole thing unfold, like everybody did.  And then, of course, the South Tower collapses.  The top section justcrushes the lower section.  A little later, the NorthTower does the same thing, and I'm just shocked, horrified.  And I say to myself, how could this happen?  Greening feltthat until the mechanics of the collapse wereproperly understood, the fanatical rumorswould simply not go away.  He decided to calculatewhether the towers would collapse under their ownweight, without the need for explosives.  The first thing I feltneeded to be cleared up was could the buildingcollapse the way we saw it, or did it actually needhelp from explosives, as some people were suggesting?  I really threw myself into 9/11 research, and I decided I wanted to apply science, physics to studying this problem.  I set up a computer program, based on momentum transfer, to look at eachimpact of each floor.

 Greening'smomentum transfer program calculated the weight of the buildings above the impact floors.  He discovered thatif one floor failed, the weight of the higher floorswould cause each floor below to give way exactly as seen.  As the influences wereon different floors, the simulation would needto account for the differing mass above each.  There were 15 floorsabove the impact point in the North Tower, and22 floors above the South Tower.  Frank's calculations would also need to prove that the floorsbelow each impact point would disintegratein a manner that looks similar to acontrolled demolition.  Iran the program, and it showed that the buildingswould indeed come down.  Even more interesting was the computer program predicted the collapse times.

 The North Towerfalls in 13 seconds.  But with a greaternumber of floors above the impact site of the South Tower, it takes only 11 seconds.  Once thebuilding started to collapse, there was no stopping it.  It was a juggernaut.  The mass of the upperblock in the North Tower was equivalent to themass of the Titanic.  It's about 38,000 tons.
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