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03 July 2020


Disaster is a natural (earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, droughts ,fires e.t.c)or man-made (war, terror attack,fires,killing animal,deforestaton ,transmit deseases e.t.c)phenomenon that directly or indirectly affects living organism or its requirement and damage economy or property .resulting  changes to human life style, societies, ecosystems and environment...

 Disasters are highly disruptive events that cause suffering, deprivation, hardship, injury and even death, as a result of direct injury, disease, the interruption of commerce and business, and the partial or total destruction of critical infrastructure such as homes, hospitals, and other buildings, roads, bridges, power lines, etc. Disasters can be caused by naturally occurring events, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, or tornadoes, or they can be due to man-made events, either accidental (such as an accidental toxic spill or nuclear power plant event), or deliberately caused (such as various terrorist bombings and poisonings).

 Type of disaster:-                            (1)Natural disaster.
(2)Artificial or man made disaster.                                                         Natural disaster:-

Natural disaster is a major adverse event resulting from natural processes of the Earth; examples are hurricanes, floods,tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis,earthquake, storms, pandemic disease and other geologic processes.                                                                            

Classification of natural disaster:-
01) Geophysical natural disaster.
02) Hydrological natural disaster.
03) Metrological natural disaster.
04) Biological natural disaster.and
05) Cosmic catastrophes natural disaster.

                                                                                                      Geophysical disaster:-

Geophysical disaster are disaster thats are brought about by tectonic and seismic activity belongs to the Earth surface in which any kind of geological disturbance can cause  geophysical event like sacking and unstable ground. For example earthquake, volcanic eruption ,land Slide mould flow e.t.c.

Hydrological disaster:-
  • Hydrological disaster is a violent sharp harmful amendment either in quantity of Earth's water distribution of of water ashore below the surface or in atmosphere. 
  • if flood is a associated overflow of associate expanse of water that submerge land.For example

Meteorological disaster:-

Meteorological disasters are caused by extreme weather, e.g. rain, drought, snow, extreme heat or cold, ice, or wind. Violent, sudden and destructive to the environment related to, produced by, or affecting the earth's atmosphere, especially the weather-forming processes.

Biological disasters:-
Biological disasters define the devastating effects caused by an enormous spread of a certain kind of living organism – that may the spread a disease, virus, or an epidemic. Biological disasterscan also be simply, a sudden growth in the population of a certain kind of plants or animals, e.g., a locust plague,corona virus e.t.c.

Cosmic catastrophes disasters:-
Cosmic catastrophes  disaster are create by outer space suchas High energy solar flare,Asteroid impact,Expanding sun,Nearby supernovas,Local gamma ray burst,Moving stars e.t.c.which directly or indirectly affect our earth.

                                                                           Manmade or artificial disasters:-

Man-made disasters can include hazardous material spills, fires, groundwater contamination, transportation accidents, structure failures, mining accidents, explosions and acts of terrorism. There are actions that we can take to prepare to react appropriately to these events.
Certain types of natural disasters are more likely to occur in particular parts of the world. For instance, areas near coastline, lakes or rivers are more likely to experience flooding problems than are land-locked areas. However, most every place you could live is prone to one type of natural disaster or another. No place is absolutely safe from natural disaster. And, of course it goes without saying, that no place is safe from the threat of terrorism and other man-made disaster events.

It may be impossible to avoid disasters, but it isn't impossible to plan ahead of time so as to minimize the impact that any given disaster might have on you or your family's health, safety and property. There are steps you can take ahead of time, including, 
  • purchasing the proper types of insurance, preparing a disaster kit and supplies, making a disaster plan and rehearsing it with your family, and staying informed so that you can do your best to get out of the way of predictable dangerous occurrences, that can help you, your family, and your property stay as safe as possible.

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