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11 July 2020

Battle of Libiya

Battle of Libiya:-

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi directed the armed forces to be prepared to carry out any mission amidst the increasingly growing tension of neighboring Libya over Turkey's growing military involvement.  France has accused Turkey of threatening its warships in the eastern Mediterranean Sea as it carried out a NATO mission to implement an American mission.  Weapons in Libya.

Israel is implementing restrictive measures put in place by the government, which remain in effect, as the up-and-down stance remains in the case of new confirmation.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a marathon meeting of his so-called Corona cabinet, in which he highlighted the systematic increase in 'morbidity' around the world.  “We are facing a systematic increase inmorbidity.  We not only see it here, but I am sorry that it can be seen around the world as well.  Various countries have already been forced to deal with it, and we in Israel as well.  The focal dilemma that challenges Jerusalem's fellowship concerns the critical need for a balance between a healthy public and a healthy economy.  And, in light of the consequences of a nationwide shutdown already decided - the fiscal impact of which has not yet been completely abolished - Israel's leadership is insisting on behaving much more generously.  While health officials lobby to impose limits on non-essential occupations;  The Finance Ministry argues that any additional reopening of the economy will inevitably result in disastrous results.  Nevertheless, the final decision affects the hands of Prime Minister Netanyahu who has listed several courses of action - some that remain under deliberation.

First, a dramatic increase in enforcement - including increasing fines, having a centralized enforcement authority under the public security system, and raising additional force for oversight and enforcement. Second is the use of digital tools. We know this is a problematic  Issue, but on the other hand, we know that it has contributed a lot to reintegration in the epidemic. We'll see how we can overcome the sequence of problems to reduce morbidity. The third is local shutdown, which is  There is a tooltat that we have already used for extensive general shutdown of the forest. Fourth, there are things related to prohibiting gatherings — a very dramatic step. I suggest we consider it. We will see that  What and when it is needed. And, of course, it has certain consequences for what we have (previously) approved, we will see if it is needed. "At the end of the meeting, several defiance by the so-called Corona Cabinet  Unanimously adopted, including: steppingup enforcement;  A list of communities where contagion disease has raged uncontrollably should be evaluated and subsequently declared a restricted area;  At risk populations, including those for the elderly, will be subject to repeated testing and protective measures and school activity during the summer vacation, with private camps approved, despite numerous outbreaks at dozens of educational institutions.

Now turning to Israel's western neighbor, where Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi calls on the armed forces to be ready to carry out any mission "amid the increasingly escalating tensions of neighboring Libya over Turkey's growing military involvement"  "Directed.  "Allow me to thank you and ask you to carry out any mission inside our borders, here - or if necessary."  Turkey deployed a number of advanced dronesand mercenaries in western Libya to support the Tripoli-based government led by Fayez al-Sarraj, a balance of power to force the eastern-based Libyan national army under the leadership  Quickly shifted to the side of overland.  In order to repel the Khalifa Haffar, the gains suddenly abated during a 14-month offensive attack.  Impressed by the latest developments, the Egyptian leader threatened loyalists to the Western-backed government of nationality not to cross the current border line with the national army of eastern-based Libya — calling it the "red line" for Cairo.  "If some believe they can cross the line - Sirte or Zufra - it matters to us, a red line."  While Egypt's president called for a ceasefire in Libya earlier this month, as part of an initiative that also constituted an elected leadership council for the country under international supervision - one by the United States, Russia and the United Arab Emirates  protest;  Turkey quickly rejected Egypt's call as an attempt to save the hafters following the loss of their battlegrounds.  As a result, and due to mild Turkish imperialism, the Egyptian president announced that the situation had changed and Libya's tribes were openly given both weapons and training to fight the Tripoli-based government and Turkey's protectors.

Only Libyan people can defend Libya, and we are ready to help and support it. Bring us to train usto from our tribes and prepare and distribute them under your supervision."  Meanwhile, Turkey itself has no shortage of involvement in the Libyan conflict.  Despite boasting openly on its apocalyptic wiz-a-vis support for the Libyan government's National Accord, Ankara has denied a parallel allegation made by Paris in violation of UN armed sanctions.  The French incident took place on 10 June, when a French warship named Courbet - as part of the NATO mission - smuggled a Turkish vessel, Sirkin, to Libya, when it set off its transponder and identified  Failed  Not myself, nor did it meet its final destination.  As the French warship set its course, the amber of Turkish warships in the area saw their radar lights three times in a French warship as a clear warning.  While Turkey rejected the French's allegation that insisting on discovering Turkish ships in international waters "was not allowed," NATO Secretary-General Jane Stoltenberg announced that the incident was being investigated.

The Mediterranean incident was addressed to the meeting by several allies. My message is that we have ensured that NATO military officials are [investigating] the incident to bring full clarity to WhatsApp."  In response to the incident, French President Immanuel Macron informed his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan that his country was a "dangerous sport".  "I have already had the opportunity to say very clearly to President (Tayyip) Erdogan, I think Turkey is playing a dangerous game in Libya today and going against all its commitments made at the Berlin Conference."  Speaking on his arrival with Tunisian President Cass Said, the French leader further condemned NATO for not condemning Turkish actions.  "And when I look at what has been done for NATO's command last week off the coast of Libya, I consider it unacceptable and I will withdraw from last year on my statement on NATO's brain death, I think  That is one of the best examples. "  When two NATO members are confronted with this situation, we are living and not condemning it, it is unbearable.  "" So I'm saying this clearly, as long as the members of the Veneto, Europeans, related to this subject remain weak in our speaking people, not clear, we will allow the game of those [(members) -  Who mention Turkey] not cooperating to play themselves.  Separately, Tunisian President Cass signed a European forum to highlight his country's objection to the Turkish-backed ratification of the national agreement in neighboring Libya.  "Authorities in Tripoli are internationally based, but this international legitimacy cannot continue. It is a temporary legitimacy, and in its place comes a new legitimate government, a legitimate government, born of the will of the Libyans.  . "  Meanwhile, in Rome, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas stressed the importance of reaching a broader understanding for a ceasefire in Libya, as the situation looked to deteriorate.  "It is feared that this conflict will continue even further, as the Egyptian president declares that a military operation from Egypt will not be ruled out. This makes it even more necessary to agree on a ceasefire and so we will again  We call on the warring parties to ensure this. We also call on all other actors not to contribute to the current situation. "

Meanwhile in Moscow, Russia is clearly losing hope of a viable cease-fire in Libya, as several attempts have failed after an effort with Turkey for the past several weeks.  In light of Ankara's determined position, the Russian top diplomat called on the United States to use its influence for the purpose of reaching an agreement.  "If the US can influence the Libyan conflict to bolster Russia's and other external players' efforts to support the declaration of an immediate cease-fire, I think it will be very positive. What do you think, that below  Please make comments.

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